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The admissions requirements, including minimum levels of prior education, preparation, or training; 

  • Applicants may be admitted provided that they are high school graduates, have a high school or equivalency diploma (GED). Applicants must submit copies of high school transcripts (With a minimum GPA of 2.5), proof of high school graduation, or proof of receipt of a GED prior to starting. 

  • Prospective students may be conditionally accepted contingent upon satisfaction of all admissions requirements and receipt of supporting documentation. Applicants under the age of 18 may be admitted provided that they will be 18 years old by the scheduled start date of their externship/clinical. A parent, legal guardian, or spouse of legal age is required to co-sign the Enrollment Agreement. 

    • Personal Interview - Meta Polytechnic requires a personal, on-campus interview with each applicant prior to acceptance into the Vocational Nursing Program. The Institution encourages parents or spouses to tour the institution. This gives applicants and their families the opportunity to see the campus’s facilities and equipment and to ask specific questions relating to the Institution, the curriculum, and the career training being considered. The personal interview will be conducted with the candidate only. This gives the Institution the opportunity to meet prospective students and evaluate their qualifications and aptitude.

    • Criminal Background Check - It is Meta Polytechnic’s policy to ensure that enrolling students are aware of the potential effect and consequences of past criminal behaviors. Externship/ clinical sites, employers or state licensing agencies have requirements that could prevent a student from completing the program or finding employment as a Vocational Nurse. Consent to perform a criminal background check must be completed and received as part of the admissions process. Results will be evaluated immediately upon receipt, but no later than the add/drop period. Convictions, guilty pleas or non contendere pleas for certain drug-related, fraud-based, or other serious crimes will disqualify a prospective student from remaining actively enrolled: they will be unregistered from all courses and the Institution without incurring academic or financial penalty. Many states, employers, and agencies impose restrictions on the employment, registration, licensure, or certification of workers with certain criminal convictions. Facilities and institutions that accept Meta Polytechnic’s students for clinical rotation and or externships, as well as potential employers, may require an additional criminal background check and may reject a student based on criteria different from those applied to the student during the enrollment process. Some employers and agencies may require candidates to submit to a drug screening test. Students with criminal records that include misdemeanors or felonies or personal background issues such as bankruptcy might not be accepted by these agencies for externships, clinical assignments, or employment following completion of the program. Employment and externship decisions are outside the control of Meta Polytechnic. All background checks are evaluated on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Director of Nursing.

    • Health Education Systems, Inc. Admission Assessment  (HESI A2) - The Health Education Systems, Inc. Admission Assessment  (HESI A2) is a required admission component for Meta Polytechnic Vocational Nursing Program. Applicants must complete the exam and score a 70 or above as part of the application process. HESI A2 scores taken within the last 12 months will be accepted.

  • A health screening performed by a Physician (Physician or Nurse Practitioner), Immunization records, and the results of certain tests are required prior to starting the Licensed Vocational Nursing Program. 

  • Applicants must be able to read, speak, and write English. All applicants must complete financial arrangements prior to starting class. All applicants must successfully complete the applicable entrance assessment(s).

  • Meta Polytechnic will admit a LIMITED number of students per cohort and will utilize a Multiple Criteria Selection (MCS) process for admission into the Vocational Nursing Program. The MCS process is a point-based system. The points earned from the criteria determine the candidates ranking in the selection process. Once the candidates are selected for admission, prospective students not selected will be required to reapply for the next available cohort. 


If applicable, information regarding the ability-to-benefit examination as required by section 94904 of the Code.  

  • All Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) students are those who do not possess a high school diploma or GED may NOT apply for enrollment in the Vocational Nursing Program.


The types and amount of general education required.  

  • Applicants may be admitted provided that they are high school graduates, have a high school or equivalency diploma (GED). Applicants must submit copies of high school transcripts, proof of high school graduation, or proof of receipt of a GED prior to starting. 


Statement of Nondiscrimination 

No person shall be excluded from participation, denied any benefits, or subjected to any form of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, or any other factor protected by law. 

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